Project: Independent School, St. John’s-Kilmarnock, wanted a vision statement that reflected its varied, dynamic and enriching community – both inside and outside the classroom.

“Every time we attempted to communicate our value proposition, we ended up with something that was wordy and not very engaging. Jean rolled up her sleeves and worked with us like a true partner. She took the time to really understand what we needed to accomplish and then delivered our message with the kind of impact that totally exceeded our expectations. She understood our audience and then hit them right between the eyes!”

Joe Mattell, Chair of the Board of Governors, St. John’s-Kilmarnock School

Project: An online directory of law firms required regular updating of web copy and the addition of relevant articles.

“It is a pleasure working with Jean. She never misses a deadline, understands the requirements of writing for the Web, pays attention to detail and is able to produce clean copy quickly. She tackled complex subject material with authority and produced reader-friendly, plain language copy. I recommend this skilled freelancer highly.”

Heather Wright, Director of Social Media, ID Incorporated

Project: The website of a technology-based business needed rewriting and editing for clarity, conciseness and correctness.

“Jean Mills provided Microdea with prompt and proper editing for our new web site content. The task of taking 10,000 words and adding clear and concise narrative was impressive. The turnaround was quick and finished as promised. We plan to continue to use Jean as our copy writing and editing needs grow.”

Brooke Martin, Marketing and Business Development, ManagerMicrodea Inc.

Project: A corporate communications department needed editorial assistance with reports and publications for distribution to a wide, internal and external audience.

“Jean thank you for the great editing work you provided us on Chartwell’s Honour book and People Making a Difference report.  Your attention to detail, responsiveness and professionalism were all great contributions to the projects.”

Sharon Henderson, Director of Communications, Chartwell Seniors House REIT

Project: A self-published author needed copy-editing and minor revisions of a book-length business book.

“I would not hesitate to hire Jean, and highly recommend her to you. Despite knowing the importance of good editing, I was worried about having my book edited because I feared my message would be butchered. To the contrary, Jean brought clarity to my involved message, and instead of butchering it, made it comprehensible.”

Ron Lutka, President, Corporate Streamlining Company Inc.

Project: A local magazine needs well-researched and colourful features that profile people and places of interest to its readership.

“Jean Mills is an editor’s dream. She is not only an engaging writer and thorough researcher, but she also meets her deadlines. It’s always a pleasure to offer her an assignment.”

Kathy Storring, EditorGrand Magazine

Project: A children’s history magazine needs stories that capture the essence of historical events in a way that entertains and, without preaching, educates.

“Jean is always a pleasure to work with. A gifted writer, she is able to tackle challenging topics with tact and originality, consistently delivering engaging and accessible stories for the young readers of Kayak magazine.”

Jill Foran, Kayak Magazine (Canada’s History Magazine for Kids)