See more examples of my work on my LinkedIn profile, here.

Feature Story: Getting Ready for Gala Season offers advice, news, and commentary to not-for-profit organizations. This story involved speaking with gala presenters about their experiences – especially their challenges – in organizing high-profile charity events.

Profile: Peter Waugh, the CCA’s Curling Volunteer of the Year

Interviewing interesting people – and telling their story – is the essence of creating an effective profile. This story of the 2012 Curling Volunteer of the Year appeared on the website.

Feature Story: A Match Made on the Ice: Canada’s GLBT community has embraced curling

Aside from editing copy, reporting on events and writing a weekly column, I was also asked by the Canadian Curling Association to write a few feature stories about aspects of the sport. Here is one of those features – others examined the culture of “giving back” in curling: how curlers of all levels take part in charity initiatives, and how new Canadians are being introduced to what is a classic Canadian winter sport.


As a staff writer for, I wrote hundreds of articles for law firms listed on the site’s directory. These articles were created from interviews with lawyers and were intended to express each lawyer’s views in his or her own voice.

Copy Writing: Taste of Guelph – Appetizers

Taste of Guelph is an annual fundraising event that celebrates Guelph’s diverse restaurants and food culture. For the very first event, I was asked to research and write all the marketing copy, which was published in the local newspaper as a special supplement.

Government Fact Sheet: Selecting a HACCP Consultant

The Ontario Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs hired me to write this document for use by food producers who needed the assistance of a HACCP consultant.

White Paper: SJK Vision Statement Document

The Board of Governors of St. John’s-Kilmarnock School, a preparatory school in Waterloo Region, asked for my help in producing a vision statement that captured the school’s unique and dynamic commitment to education and community.

Book Review: Book Review – Off to War

Quill & Quire magazine provides reviews and information for the Canadian publishing industry. I regularly write reviews for their “Books for Young People” section.

Book Review: Book Review – The High Road

I had the pleasure of meeting Terry Fallis at the 2010 Elora Writers’ Festival where he read from his hilarious debut novel, The Best Laid Plans. When I had a chance to review the sequel, I jumped at it.

Magazine and Newspaper Features:

Books and Reading

Guelph Life magazine asked me to profile three local booksellers and librarians about the pleasures of reading in a technological age.

They Slept With Fleas As Big As Grasshoppers

When the Guelph Mercury published a section devoted to local history, I was asked to produce a number of feature articles ranging from early schools to the development of the railway. This feature focused on the joys of travel in 19th century Wellington County.

Fergus Curling Club 175 Anniversary

The Fergus Curling Club celebrated its 175th year of continuous operation during the 2009-2010 season. As the author of the club’s commemorative book, I was asked by The Curling News to write a feature on the club’s milestone year.

Editorial Projects:


In November 2010, Chartwell Senior Housing REIT released a book profiling 35 veterans of the Second World War. All of these men and women are residents in Chartwell homes, and each shared his or her war experiences, some of them for the first time. It was an honour for me to copy-edit this book. Several profiles are available online.

The Fergus Curling Club Celebrates 175 Years, 1834-2009

In the fall of 2009, the Fergus Curling Club in Fergus, Ontario, celebrated its 175th year of continuous curling – the oldest club in Ontario. Over a period of six months, I collected stories, photographs and archival material from the club’s records and elsewhere to create an illustrated commemorative book for the club and local community. I wrote all the copy and supervised the book’s layout and print production, finishing the project on schedule for the much-anticipated Anniversary Bonspiel in September 2010.

Personal Essays:

“The roots of her story” (Globe and Mail) 2009 Barbara Novak Award for Humour/Personal Writing from the Professional Writers Association of Canada: The Roots of Her Story

“Curling etiquette teaches rules for life” (Globe and Mail): Curling Etiquette Teaches Rules For Life

“The whup-tilt language of my father” (Globe and Mail): The Whup-Tilt Language of My Father


Grassroots Curling

Writer’s Life

Around the House (Canadian Curling Association)

Short Fiction:

Short story, “Lament”, in Winter 2011 edition of online literary journal, Lies With Occasional Truth: Lament

Young Adult Fiction by Pugwash Publishers

Wild Dog Summer Wild Dog Summer – Chapter One

A year after the death of her older brother in a drinking and driving accident, Betty Jane Kelsey struggles to find a way to help her family heal. Wild dogs roaming the neighbourhood and an unexpected ally might provide the answer.

Abby and the Curling Chicks Abby and the Curling Chicks – Chapter One

Curling? No way! Abby’s a writer, not an athlete. But what starts as a half-hearted bargain with her mom turns into a season of action on – and off – the ice for Abby and her three friends in a small Ontario town.

The Toymaker’s Son The Toymaker’s Son – Chapters One and Two

Linden Flanders is a shy, troubled 15-year-old boy with a lot on his mind. From the time his mother was killed in a car accident years earlier, his family has been disoriented and lost. His father, distant and grieving, doesn’t approve of Linden’s hockey aspirations, and his older sister, Ardith, tries desperately to create a normal home life for her shattered family. Awkward and silent, Linden seems to come alive when he puts on his skates and hits the ice with his best friend Thomas. But when Ardith launches a plan to save some local woods from being demolished by a developer, and Linden finds himself befriended by Cassie McKay, the daughter of Ardith’s adversary, the trouble begins. Linden’s loyalty is tested, and he finds himself caught up in events that force him to make some important choices about what – and who – matter most to him. (Sequel to Wild Dog Summer)

Unpublished YA Fantasy Novel: Eden Messenger: Chapter One Eden Messenger – Chapter One

At fifteen, Eden Messenger’s life is full of questions—all of them frightening. What strange disease daily drains more life from her dad? Why does she hear footsteps beside her when she walks home from school—alone? Why is creepy Leander King watching her every move? When a mysterious visitor invades her father’s sickroom, Eden is suddenly confronted with a world she knew nothing about, a world in which she – and her father, and Leander King – play crucial roles. Accompanied by the boy Toren, her Protector, Eden the Messenger reluctantly undertakes a quest that will uproot her from the reality she knows and force her to fight a battle to save not only her own life, but the lives of those she loves.